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20. Pearson Education Limited may, at its sole and unfettered discretion, arrange for prize draws or award points. Points and prizes are awarded in good faith. Pearson Research Community members are expected to participate in the spirit of fair play. Anyone suspected of foul play may be investigated and Pearson reserves the right to refuse points or prizes in this case. Prizes are limited in number and will be allocated in accordance with the applicable rules of the specific prize draw. Alternative prizes may be sourced to enable Pearson Research Community members to use their points. No cash alternative is available. We will inform you of the rules of any specific prize draws in each case.

21. Pearson may, at its discretion, award points for your participation in surveys, discussions, chats or other activities. We will provide instructions on how we will award points in each case on our website and you must follow these instructions to be awarded any points.

22. We will inform you on our website if we offer any items or vouchers from third party retailers for your points. No point is ever available for redemption until you have reached the minimum number of points for redemption into items or vouchers. We may change the minimum number of points necessary for redemption at any time. No other form of redemption of your points is available. The range of available items or vouchers may change from time to time without notice to you. Any particular items or vouchers may be limited in number and we may source alternative items or vouchers.

23. Where we arrange for the redemption of points into vouchers from third party retailers, we are not responsible for the conduct of the third party retailer or its failure to accept vouchers. Each third party retailer has its own terms and conditions for the redemption of the voucher it may issue. You should consult with the third party retailer concerned on its terms and conditions. We will not accept any liability regarding the points or any vouchers.

24. Points have no cash value and you cannot claim any monetary compensation or redemption into cash from us under any circumstances. We reserve the right to close down the points scheme at any point without notice and without any compensation to you and in any event no points will be redeemable if and when you unsubscribe or if your account is terminated or suspended by Pearson.

25. If you have not participated in the Pearson Research Community for more than six months, we may in our discretion, close your account and delete any points without any compensation to you.

26. While Pearson makes all reasonable attempts to exclude viruses from the website, it cannot ensure such exclusion and no liability is accepted for viruses. Thus, you are recommended to take all appropriate safeguards before downloading information from this website.

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